Updated Access & Mobility Plan Goals (Summer 2021)

Earlier this year, the City revised three of the nine goals identified in the Access and Mobility Plan. The revisions were based on the input received from four public workshops held in November 2020.

Since then additional updates have been made to four of the Plan’s goals. The changes reflect the comments gathered from a series of 18 community meetings. All feedback and insights were considered, particularly the need to elevate the voices and concerns of community members living with disabilities. This feedback helped us identify and refine the goals that required more inclusive language.

We appreciate the invaluable insights and constructive feedback the community provides. These insights ensure the Access and Mobility Plan will be inclusive and consider the mobility needs of all communities in San José.

Access & Mobility Goals with Summer 2021 updates highlighted
Access & Mobility Goals with Summer 2021 updates highlighted
  1. Less Driving: Have more travel choices, so trips can be made without driving
  2. Access for All (updated): Increase transportation education, affordability, options and use of driving alternatives, especially in historically underserved communities and for those with limited mobility
  3. Enjoyable Transportation (updated): Make getting around pleasant, easy, reliable and appealing
  4. Transportation Safety (updated): Maintain and make improvements to the bike, walk, and transit system to support Vision Zero, prioritizing the personal security of the most vulnerable populations
  5. Clean the Air: Reduce pollution from cars and trucks
  6. 20-minute Neighborhoods: Create great places so it’s easy for people with a range of abilities to run errands and get to schools and parks without a car
  7. Connected Neighborhoods: Make it easy to get between neighborhoods and to major destinations by foot, bike, bus, rail, wheelchair and other shared options
  8. Moving the Economy: Provide access to diverse jobs by sustainable modes, support goods to market, and support job growth in San José
  9. Plan for the Future: Use the newest ideas to keep the transportation system modern, fair, well-maintained and effective