Move San José

Welcome to Move San José. We’re glad you are here, because we want your input. Move San José is engagement platform for the City of San Jose’s Department of Transportation (DOT) Planning, Policy, and Sustainability division. Here, DOT staff shares information about current and future transportation plans & projects and asks for community feedback on topics that relate to getting around in San José.

Your input is very important because the City wants to make our transportation system more inclusive and sustainable. The streets you walk, bike, drive, or take transit on make up most of the public space in our city. By planning thoughtfully, our transportation system can safely get us to the places we need to go and help build a stronger, healthier, and more equitable community. For your convenience, we keep this site intentionally simple to prioritize accessibility, translation, and mobile device use.

Map of San José Efforts

Please visit our interactive map to understand what different plans and projects are happening across the City.

Non-interactive map of San José Efforts

Learn more and get involved

  • Access & Mobility Plan Strategies - The City will share various strategies during the summer of 2021 for community feedback. We invite you to share your thoughts.
  • Delivery Robot Pilot Survey - We want to hear from you! Please take a brief survey to share your thoughts about delivery robots. The survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete.
  • Fruitdale Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Project - The Fruitdale Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Project is a DOT effort focused on slowing vehicle traffic and creating space for people to ride bikes on Fruitdale Ave. This page provides a summary of the project’s goals and planned design.
  • Pearl Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Project Survey - This post includes a virtual presentation and community survey for the Pearl Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Project.
  • ETF Meeting Minutes Spring 2021 - In February through early May, the Equity Task Force met fourteen times to discuss aspects of the Emerging Mobility Action Plan. These conversations helped to develop draft goals and recommendations for the Plan, and to craft a community survey and other engagement strategies.