Move San José

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Move San José is a digital engagement platform for the City of San Jose’s Department of Transportation (DOT) Planning, Policy, and Sustainability division. DOT staff will share progress on future plans and upcoming projects in order to ask the community questions and receive feedback on topics that relate to moving around in San José.

The City wants to make our transportation system more sustainable and inclusive. Your input is very important. The streets you walk, bike, drive, or take transit on make up most of the public space in our city. By planning thoughtfully, our transportation system can safely get us to the places we need to go and help build a stronger, healthier, and more equitable community.

Learn more and get involved

  • Fruitdale Avenue Project Update - This update provides information about the Fruitdale Avenue bikeway construction schedule. The project will occur in Spring 2021 due to unanticipated delays in our design phases.
  • Downtown Transportation Plan Logo Contest - Move San José is looking for a vibrant, eye-catching logo design for our new transportation initiative, in which we aim to make travelling around and in Downtown San José safer, easier, and more affordable for all.
  • Naglee Avenue Project Update - In this update for the Naglee Avenue Project you can read our responses to the comments you provided in our online survey.
  • Downtown Transportation Plan Survey - We'd appreciate your feedback on the Downtown Transportation Plan initial survey. Please share your thoughts!
  • King & San Antonio Improvement Survey - Please take our survey to share your thoughts regarding the very recently improved King and San Antonio Intersection.
  • Downtown Transportation Plan Workshop #1 - Please register and join us for the first workshop for the Downtown Transportation Plan on October 28th! (Rescheduled due to VP Debate)
  • One Way Webinars - To learn more about and share your thoughts on one-way vehicle sharing services, attend one of these webinars.
  • Shifting How We Get Around with the Access & Mobility Plan - Making it easier for residents to walk, bike, ride buses and trains, and share rides with others
  • Downtown Speaker Series - The Downtown Transportation Plan Speaker Series Session has been announced! Please join us to learn more about the history and culture of Downtown San José and be inspired by visions for the future.
  • Downtown Listening Sessions - The Downtown Transportation Plan is now kicking off! Come share your thoughts at series of listening sessions with City staff.