One-way Vehicle Sharing Survey

The City is looking at making one-way vehicle sharing available to expand access to affordable, clean and reliable transportation options in San José. This is part of our commitment to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions, as articulated in Climate Smart San José. But, it is particularly important now given COVID-19 and the risks many residents face to continue to work as well as the astounding number who have lost their job and are struggling to make ends meet.

A company that offers a shared electric moped service is interested in expanding to San Jose. The service would be initially offered in the greater downtown area. Eventually it would be expanded to serve the entire city. The mopeds could be rented by the minute and used for one-way trips. The department is interested in speaking with residents about this new shared service: how it works, the rules the service would operate under, and what residents think about it.

Please share your feedback. It will help us assess how useful one-way vehicle sharing services might be for San José. If you would like to read more about this topic before taking the survey, please see the Project Summary.