One-Way Vehicle Sharing Project Summary

The City is developing the rules to allow companies that offer one-way shared moped and car services to expand to San Jose. Using a shared vehicle service is similar to using the library. With a library card you can check out a book, read it, and return it when you are done for someone else to borrow. Like the library, when you sign up with a car-sharing or moped-sharing service, you can use a vehicle when you need one, without having to buy it. However, in this case users pay for the service either by the minute or the mile.

Shared vehicle services come in two flavors: round-trip and one-way. Zipcar currently offers round-trip car-sharing services in the city. Zipcar currently has approximately 15 vehicles stationed in San José, most downtown and a couple in North San José. Their cars have assigned parking spaces. At the conclusion of each rental, users must return the vehicle to its reserved parking spot.

With one-way moped or car sharing, users can make trips in one direction. So, for example, a user could rent a car or moped parked near their home, drive it to a train station, and park the vehicle, ending their rental. Rides must end in the company’s service area. Revel is a one-way, shared electric moped company that is interested in coming to San José. When they start, their service area would cover the Greater Downtown. Over time, they plan to expand to serve the entire city.

One-way car and moped sharing won’t work for all trips. But, it expands the options for those who own a car as well as those who don’t or can no longer afford to own one. City staff is making presentations (via Zoom) with community groups in Revel’s initial service area and some immediately outside. about the proposed service and the rules it would operate under. Let us know if you are interested in hearing a presentation. The feedback we get from the community along with the proposed rules will be presented to the City Council in September.