Sustainable Local Deliveries and Parking Pricing for Curb Management

These two strategies focus on using other modes for last mile deliveries and changing parking costs. “Sustainable Local Deliveries” lowers pollution in neighborhoods by having bikes or small trucks finish deliveries. “Parking Pricing for Curb Management” changes the cost of parking spaces depending on demand, which makes it easier to find parking near your destination.

Strategy 21: Sustainable Local Deliveries

Encourage the use of alternative modes for last-mile deliveries to reduce congestion and pollution in neighborhoods. This can include encouraging bike couriers, small trucks, and truck-free zones.

Strategy 22: Parking Pricing/Curb Management

Change the cost of parking spots based on availability and demand in an area,so that they are more expensive when there is more demand and less expensive when there is less demand. An app can tell you where spaces are, which spaces are available, and how much they cost.

Benefits: Changing the cost of parking will help keep some spots available so people will spend less time searching for parking. People can pay less for parking that is further away. This may keep spots closer to attractions available, but more expensive. Businesses have more parking availability.

Concerns: Community members have raised concerns that parking closer to desired attractions and destinations will be more accessible and affordable for people who are financially well off.