Map of proposed Downtown Walking Network

The proposed Walking Network includes a system of streets, paseos, and trails for people walking or using wheelchairs in Downtown. It includes streets designed to help you easily and safely walk to neighborhoods, businesses, transit stops, bike stations, parks, plazas, trails, and landmarks such as the Convention Center and the SAP Center. It also includes pedestrian- and bike-only zones in which most or all car traffic would be prohibited. To learn more about the specific features and designs of the streets in the network, please refer to the video and descriptions below.

Premium Walking Streets are some of the best walking routes between your destinations. These streets also provide bicyclists and transit riders with features that help them when they arrive at their destinations.

Examples of these features might include:

  • Wide sidewalks
  • Outdoor vendors and dining
  • Retail
  • Well-defined and frequent crosswalks
  • Signs to help you find your way
  • Better lighting
  • Nice landscaping
  • Parklets (small public spaces on or next to the street)
  • Slower speeds for vehicles

Vehicles are only briefly allowed on these streets through loading zones, short-term parking meters, and rest areas.

Paseos, Walkways, and Trails are where exercise, leisure, and travel all come together on paths for people who walk, bike, skate, or use wheelchairs. They would be designed for recreational, civic, cultural, or business activities. New paseos would be created by permanently closing some streets to motor vehicles. In this proposal, they are also connected with the Premium Walking Streets for seamless routes and a better walking experience. Features on paseos and walkways include public art, retail, plazas, and landscaping.

Festival Streets are streets that are closed temporarily to motor vehicles during certain times of a day for business and public events. They could accommodate outdoor dining, festivals, farmers’ markets, and other open-street programs. While these streets are selected for regular open street activities, other Premium Walking Streets could be closed to motor vehicles for outdoor events that allow communities to come together to explore and enjoy Downtown.

Other Streets in Downtown include neighborhood and connector streets that pass through Downtown. Though these streets may have more car traffic, they can be designed for slower speeds and safe crossings to enhance the walking experience.

This Survey is closed; visit Downtown Transportation Plan for updates.