Map of proposed Downtown Transit Network

The proposed Transit Network shows a system of transit corridors in Downtown. It serves regional trains such as the future BART, electrified Caltrain, and high-speed rail. It also serves light rail and bus routes that connect people between Downtown and the rest of the city and region. To learn more about the features and designs of the transit corridors, please refer to the video and descriptions below.

Major Transit Corridors provide you with frequent and high-quality transit routes to and from the center of San José. These corridors would be designed to provide safe, efficient, and reliable transit trips and promote economic development. Features on surface streets that would support major transit include:

  • Train station entrance space
  • Bus shelters
  • Mobility hubs
  • Dedicated bus lanes
  • Transit signal priority
  • Wide sidewalks
  • Many easy-to-see crosswalks
  • Protected bike paths
  • Signs and markings to help you find your way
  • Better Lighting
  • Nice landscaping

We may limit or move parking meters, passenger and commercial loading, and turns to improve the flow of buses or trains. To enhance this network, we suggest redesigning Santa Clara Street and realigning light rail routes. This idea represents one of the proposed Big Moves in this open house.

In the future, VTA bus service may be rerouted or expanded. Privately operated neighborhood shuttles may be created to improve access to transit Downtown. Some bus, shuttle, or paratransit routes may travel on streets with high volumes of traffic, delivery trucks, bikes, and/or pedestrians. These Other Transit Routes would be designed to provide comfortable bus stops or waiting areas as well as ensure safe boarding and crossings for all ages and abilities. For this open house, we are showing the existing VTA bus routes that do not travel on the proposed Major Transit Corridors.

This Survey is closed; visit Downtown Transportation Plan for updates.