Driving and Delivery

Map of proposed Downtown Vehicle Circulation and Delivery network

The proposed Driving and Delivery Network provides a system of streets for vehicles like cars, motorcycles, vans, and delivery trucks in and around Downtown. It includes streets that serve as Downtown gateways and that lead to major vehicle parking destinations. It also includes neighborhood streets for access to homes and local destinations. To learn more about the specific features and designs of the streets in the network, please see the video and descriptions below.

Vehicle and Delivery Corridors are key driving routes to enter or leave Downtown. These corridors are close to freeway on-ramps and off-ramps. They are the best routes for drivers to enter and drive around Downtown and to access parking lots and garages. Because they carry lots of traffic and intersect biking and walking routes, these corridors would be designed to reduce speeding and ensure safe pedestrian and bike crossings.

Features may include:

  • Conversions from one-way to two-way streets
  • Safe crosswalks
  • Protected bike paths
  • Time-restricted metered parking
  • Passenger and commercial loading zones
  • Parking garage entrances
  • Freeway onramps and offramps

We are considering a proposal to consolidate the I-280 ramps at Almaden Boulevard, Grant Street, First Street, Fourth Street, East Virginia Street, and Seventh Street into a full interchange at Almaden Boulevard.

Other Streets in the Downtown include neighborhood streets, transit corridors, and bike corridors. In this proposal, drivers would be encouraged to drive on Vehicle Corridors for most of their trips and make turns onto these other streets to get to their homes and other destinations. Cut-through traffic would be discouraged.

Features of these other streets might include:

  • Continuous sidewalks
  • Safe crossings for people walking, rolling, biking, or scooting
  • Landscaping
  • Reduced numbers of cars and slower speeds

Residential parking is usually provided on neighborhood streets. Short-term metered parking and curbside loading would generally be provided along storefronts or at nearby cross streets where appropriate.

This Survey is closed; visit Downtown Transportation Plan for updates.