San Antonio Project Summary

Later this year, the City of San Jose will be resurfacing San Antonio Street from 17th Street to Jackson Avenue as part of its annual pavement maintenance program. When a roadway is resurfaced, it must be restriped as well, and the City is using this opportunity to restripe the roadway in a way that adds protection for people who walk and ride bikes.

These changes to the roadway were conceptualized during the En Movimiento and Better Bikeways planning efforts.

Planned Enhancements

Planned enhancements include: traffic circles, curb extensions or bulb-outs, high visibility crosswalks, and protected bike lanes.

Traffic circle example
Traffic circles are often safer, more efficient, less costly, and more aesthetically appealing than conventional intersection designs–and most importantly, they reduce the types of crashes that result in injury or loss of life.
Illustration of bulb out
Bulb outs extend the sidewalk into the roadway at intersections to shorten crossing space for pedestrians and encourage drivers to make more gradual turns.

Bike lane separated from motor traffic

Family riding happy and safe in a bike lane
Protected bike lanes will separate people on bikes from motor vehicles.