San Antonio Online Community Meeting

We’ve created a presentation to explain the changes coming to San Antonio and we would love to get your feedback after you’re done watching. We would also love input on other potential changes we are considering for this corridor. You can also read our project summary.

  • Bike Boulevard

  • A bike boulevard is a street where cars and bikes share the travel lane and measures are in place to make everyone feel safe and comfortable.
  • Protected Bike Lanes

  • US-101 Overcrossing

  • For decades, cities around the world have been repurposing roadway space to create safer, more accommodating routes for people who walk and bike. More recently, cities in the Bay Area, including Oakland, Redwood City, and Palo Alto have limited motor vehicle access to certain streets to allow people more space to walk and bike during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Within the Department of Transportation, we have had preliminary discussions about the possibility of closing the San Antonio/101 Overcrossing to automobiles to improve safety for people who walk and bike. Before we explore this idea further, we’d like you, the public, to weigh-in on the idea of temporarily closing the overcrossing to allow the City of San Jose to measure the effects of such a closure on safety and travel behavior.

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