Naglee Avenue Project Update

In this update for the Naglee Avenue Project you can read our responses to the comments you provided in our online survey.

  • Noisy busses: We do not control bus route location or vehicle noise. You should direct this question to VTA Customer Service.
  • High-speed motor bikes: Our project will reduce and narrow travel lanes on Naglee Ave. This will help reduce speeds. We will check for speeding after the project to see if it changed.
  • More traffic during commute times: This project will not bring more drivers to Naglee, but the traffic might look worse. This will be most visible during school pick-up and drop-off times. This is a trade-off for the project’s safety benefits such as lower speeds and safer crossings.
  • Project start date: Construction begins in mid-October. Our contractors will provide more specific dates as the weeks progress. We will send you a similar update when we receive this information.

The final Naglee Avenue design includes the following features between Bascom Ave and The Alameda:

  • One travel lane in each direction
  • One two-way left turn lane
  • Traditional bike lanes between Bascom Ave and Park Ave
  • Buffered bike lanes between Park Ave and The Alameda
  • New and repaired ADA curb ramps
  • Upgraded crosswalk at the Hadley Ave intersection

We used the following methods of communication we used to promote the Naglee Avenue project:

  • Postcards sent to addresses within 200 feet of Naglee Ave
  • Digital community meetings and surveys
  • Regular discussions with Councilmember Dev Davis’s office
  • Virtual meeting with the Shasta-Hantchett Park Neighborhood Association
  • Phone calls with local schools and stakeholders
  • Posts on
  • Email conversations with you and your neighbors

Thank you for your interest in the Naglee Avenue Project. We will continue to provide updates as the project progresses.