Naglee Avenue Project Summary

Naglee Avenue is one of many San Jose streets that will be repaved in 2020 through the City’s Annual Pavement Maintenance Program. The repaving project is located between The Alameda and Bascom Avenue. This 4-lane section of the street serves residents, businesses, and schools in the Rose Garden Neighborhood, which will all benefit from a defect-free roadway.

DOT recommends that bike lanes be added on Naglee Ave. However, the current street width does not provide enough room for bike lanes, so DOT is proposing to change Naglee Ave from a 4-lane to a 2-lane roadway. In addition to allocating space to bikes, this new lane configuration would help reduce vehicle speeds and prevent traffic-related fatalities and severe injuries.

The City has completed over 20 lane reduction projects. These projects require intensive data analysis and high-level review to determine what sorts of impacts the new street might have on drivers. This process was applied to Naglee Avenue, and confirmed that any impacts resulting from the lane reduction were acceptable when compared to the bicycle and safety benefits provided through the project.

The Naglee Avenue pavement project is estimated to begin in mid-July and end in late September of 2020. In July, DOT contractors will perform “prep work,” with actual paving and striping not commencing until September. DOT will continue to coordinate review of the project by community members over the next few months.