McLaughlin Avenue Quick Build Project Summary

In Spring of 2022, the City of San Jose will be resurfacing McLaughlin Avenue from William Street to Story Road as part of its annual pavement maintenance program. When a roadway is resurfaced, it must be restriped as well, and the City is using this opportunity to create a street that is safer and more inviting for all travelers, regardless of mode.

These changes to the roadway were conceptualized during the En Movimiento and Better Bike Plan 2025 planning efforts.

Planned Enhancements

Planned enhancements include: protected bike lanes, curb extensions or bulb-outs, high visibility crosswalks, and transit boarding islands.

Shows an example of a protected bikeway
Protected bike lanes are one of the best ways to make a safe a inviting route for riders of all ages and abilities. This image shows a protected bikeway on San Fernando Street, San Jose, CA.
shows illustration of bulbouts and benefits
Bulb outs extend the sidewalk into the roadway at intersections to shorten crossing space for pedestrians and encourage drivers to make more gradual turns.
High visibility crosswalks at 4th and San Fernando, San Jose CA
High visibility crosswalks increase the visibility of pedestrian crossing paths and discourage drivers from encroaching into crosswalks.
Transit boarding island, San Fernando St, San Jose, CA
Transit boarding islands improve transit service, keep sidewalks clear, and make walking and biking safer.