Introducing the Emerging Mobility Action Plan

The Emerging Mobility Action Plan centers on racial equity and seeks to identify the most effective ways to leverage new mobility services and technologies to ensure they serve everyone in San José, especially marginalized communities and communities of color.

What is Emerging Mobility?

“Emerging mobility” is a term used to describe new services and technology that are helping people or goods move from one place to another. Examples you may already be familiar with include:

  • micromobility (for example electric scooters and electric bike rentals)
  • robots that deliver goods (for example Kiwibots)
  • ride hailing (for example Uber and Lyft)

The transportation landscape will continue to change as new services and technologies are introduced. The City sees this as an opportunity to improve the transportation system and help people get around.

Project Overview

The City of San José believes mobility is a human right. It seeks to ensure all people have safe, affordable, reliable, and sustainable transportation options to access the opportunities and resources necessary to thrive.

The Emerging Mobility Action Plan (EMAP) aims to achieve this vision by assessing current disparities and working with local communities in San José to proactively plan for the changing mobility landscape. In particular, the EMAP will help build a framework to prepare the City to plan for and respond to community mobility needs with racial and social equity concerns as a primary focus. This action plan will identify specific policies, programs and pilots the City should pursue, in partnership with its communities, to expand mobility options to all, particularly historically marginalized communities whose needs have too often been overlooked.

The City is working closely with an Equity Task Force, a group of nine community leaders who will play an integral role in elevating the voices of historically marginalized communities and centering equity throughout the planning process. The Equity Task Force will also play a prominent role in engaging their communities and help co-create innovative ways to gather feedback from the public.

Get Involved!

Over the next year, we need you! Please join us in the following 3 key phases of this planning process:

  • Create a vision of mobility for the future of San José
  • Help identify and develop preliminary policy, practices, and program/pilot recommendations
  • Develop a draft and final framework of recommendations for the Emerging Mobility Action Plan

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