Here’s What We Plan for 2021 Bikeways

The following table shows the streets that the Department of Transportation is currently evaluating for bicycle improvements.These improvements are categorized into two project types: new bikeways and enhanced bikeways. New bikeways are located on streets that have no bikeways. Enhanced bikeways consist of improvements to existing bikeways. We plan to build feasible projects between Summer 2021 and Spring 2022 with the help of our Pavement Maintenance Program.

To learn about San Jose’s new bike plan please visit the Better Bike Plan 2025 web page.

Project Street From: To: Evaluating
4th St Hedding St Old Bayshore Hy Add New Bikeway
Landess Av Interstate 680 Piedmont Rd Add New Bikeway
Tisch Wy South Genevieve Ln Winchester Bl Enhance Existing Bikeway
Hostetter Rd Lundy Av Morrill Ave Enhance Existing Bikeway
Kiely Bl Saratoga Av Stevens Creek Add New Bikeway
Winchester Bl Moorpark Av Williams Rd Enhance Existing Bikeway
Mckee Rd El Camino Real North King Rd Add New Bikeway
Fruitdale Ave Southwest Ex Race St Add New Bikeway
South Bascom Ave East Hamilton Ave Fruitdale Ave Enhance Existing Bikeway
Pearl Ave Hillsdale Ave Chynoweth Ave Enhance Existing Bikeway
North 1st St Rosemary St Hedding St Add New Bikeway
Murphy Av Oakland Rd Lundy Ave Enhance Existing Bikeway
Yerba Buena Rd Kauai Dr Tuers Rd Enhance Existing Bikeway
Tuers Rd Capitol Ex Mclaughlin Ave Add New Bikeway
Redmond Av Almaden Ex Coleman Rd Enhance Existing Bikeway
Eden Av Moorpark Av Payne Ave Add New Bikeway
Quito Rd (southbound) Saratoga Ave Cox Ave Add New Bikeway
Thornwood Dr Santa Teresa Bl Winfield Bl Add New Bikeway
Quito Rd Aspesi Dr McCoy Ave Enhance Existing Bikeway
McAbee Rd Almaden Ex Leyland Park Dr Enhance Existing Bikeway
Bernal Rd Santa Teresa Bl Heaton Moor Dr Add New Bikeway
Heaton Moor Dr Bernal Rd Endmoor Dr Add New Bikeway
Grand Bl Los Esteros Rd City Limits Add New Bikeway
Lean Ave Curie Dr Blossom Hill Rd Enhance Existing Bikeway
Los Esteros Rd Spreckles Av Zanker Rd Enhance Existing Bikeway
Zanker Rd Los Esteros Rd Hwy 237 Enhance Existing Bikeway
South Capitol Ave Capitol Ex Berryessa Rd Enhance Existing Bikeway
West San Carlos St Leigh Ave North Bascom Ave Add New Bikeway
Old Tully Rd Tully Rd Monterey Rd Add New Bikeway
Yerba Buena Rd Kauai Dr Deans Place Enhance Existing Bikeway
South White Rd Aborn Rd Marten Ave Enhance Existing Bikeway
Pedro St Race St Lincoln Ave Add New Bikeway
Coe Av Bird Ave Lincoln Ave Add New Bikeway
Race St Parkmoor Ave Fruitdale Ave Enhance Existing Bikeway
Foxworth Ave Almaden Expy Hillsdale Ave Add New Bikeway
24th St William St Santa Clara St Add New Bikeway