Fruitdale Avenue Project Update

The project is delayed until Spring 2021. This is due to conflict between the placement of vehicle lanes and the traffic signal at the Bascom Avenue intersection. Our planned design between Del Mar Ave and Bascom Ave moves the vehicle lanes so that they are no longer in line with the traffic signal. The signal is owned by the County of Santa Clara, who is requiring us to changes our plans. We must do this in order to build the Fruitdale project.

Location of design conflict on Fruitdale Ave
The green box shows the location of the vehicle lane and traffic signal issue.
A street-level view of the conflict zone
Our plans would cause all of these vehicle lanes to shift to the left.

The project was supposed to occur in mid-November. This date is no longer possible due to the time needed to revise our plans and have the County review them. Additionally, we cannot complete the project before spring due to cold weather and rain.

We will continue to provide updates as this project progresses. Thank you for your patience.