Fruitdale Avenue Project Update #2

The Fruitdale Ave project between Bascom Ave and Southwest Expy began on March 29th, 2021. New vehicle and bike lane striping work begins on April 6th, 2021. Please be prepared for the lane changes that were announced in 2020. You will receive two notifications from the contractor about construction dates between March 16th, 2021 and the start of the project.

Temporary striping between St. Elizabeth Dr. and Southwest Expy is scheduled for April 6th, 2021 as well. Please review the drawing below to see the changes. Currently, there are two westbound thru lanes that extend from Saint Elizabeth Drive to Southwest Expy. This will change so that there is a single thru lane, one right-turn lane, and one left-turn lane between Saint Elizabeth Drive and Southwest Expy. This change is necessary to keep drivers safe as they travel through the Southwest Expy intersection.

Existing conditions on Fruitdale east of Southwest Expy
This image shows what the street looks like today. There are two thru lanes, a left turn lane, and a right turn lane.


Future conditions on Fruitdale Ave east of Southwest Expy
This images shows what the street will look like on or after April 6th, 2020. There will no longer be two thru lanes. The street will have one left turn lane, one thru lane, one bike lane, and one right turn lane.

We will continue to provide updates as this project progresses. Thank you for your patience.