Downtown Transportation Plan Summary

A city’s Downtown says a lot about the culture and lifestyle of the people who live or spend time there. It’s where we grow our careers and make our living. It’s a place many of us call home and grow our families. It’s where we engage and connect to visit galleries, museums, theaters, shops, parks, and restaurants. And while there are many amazing strengths to build around in our Downtown today, there are also opportunities to improve it. We seek change with a shared purpose, to see Downtown San José flourish as a hub for everyone to enjoy, to provide attractions, to safeguard the history that reflects the communities here, to have well-lit sidewalks lined with beautiful trees, to be able to get around easily with public transportation, and to support vibrant and diverse business and retail activities.

Changes are already happening downtown with new development projects, more frequent bus services, and planned regional transportation improvements at and around Diridon Station. These changes and the investments that support them will affect the day-to-day choices and experiences of people traveling to, from, and within Downtown gradually over time. We have the opportunity to develop a plan that guides those investments, ensuring that we build on these changes, manage resources and risks, and deliver a safer, healthier, more enjoyable, and more affordable Downtown transportation system for all!

Help us form San José’s Downtown Transportation Plan to:

  • Improve getting around, whether by foot, bike, car, or taking transit
  • Improve transportation equity and access to places for everyone
  • Improve the comfort and enjoyment of streets, public plazas, paseos, and parks
  • Support and complement the identity of Downtown

With our community partners we are identifying a shared vision, understanding opportunities and constraints, and developing future scenarios for evaluation.

Over the next 12 months, we hope you will engage with us in the following 5 key phases of the planning process:

  • Understand transportation conditions, community values, opportunities, and constraints
  • Imagine potential future scenarios for how Downtown’s streets should work
  • Evaluate and select a preferred desirable future transportation system
  • Identify and prioritize transportation projects, programs, and policies to support the preferred scenario
  • Develop a draft and final Downtown Transportation Plan