Enhancing Santa Clara Street

Ariel picture of Santa Clara Street in San Jose

What is the status quo and what have we heard from the community?

The proposed Downtown Street Network includes Santa Clara Street as a “Grand Boulevard.” As such, it would prioritize high-quality transit over other types of travel. Fast and frequent bus service is envisioned for the street and BART will provide high-capacity transit underneath the street in a decade or so.

But as San José’s main drag, Santa Clara Street is more than simply a street for transit. It is the city’s most prominent street for commercial activity, one that welcomes people who are shopping, going to work, eating at restaurants, or simply enjoying the city on foot.

What is being contemplated as part of this big move?

In earlier outreach for the Downtown Transportation Plan, Santa Clara Street was identified as the least-liked downtown street. Yet there is a huge opportunity to realize its potential as Downtown San José’s signature street.

Potential opportunities to remake Santa Clara Street include:

  • Creating dedicated lanes for transit and other public services
  • Significantly widening sidewalks
  • Expanding outdoor space
  • Converting it to a plaza-like street focusing on public life, transit access, and walking and biking, with restricted vehicle access.

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