Big Moves

To address some of the larger needs and desires that we’ve heard about from the community, we will need to do more than make changes to streets and sidewalks. That is why the San José Downtown Transportation Plan is also considering longer-term projects that will need extensive planning, big budgets, and widespread community support to accomplish. These larger-scale improvements are what we are calling “Big Moves.”

What is a Big Move?

A Big Move is a large, transformative physical improvement to Downtown that would be costly and potentially disruptive. It would likely take many years to put in place. The challenges of completing one of these projects would be outweighed by the positive impacts on transportation in San José. Each “Big Move” would require its own separate study and community engagement effort along with continued support from local residents.

How will the DTP address Big Moves?

The DTP will not implement any of these Big Moves, but it will describe them and gauge community support for pursuing them. For the ideas with the most community support, the Downtown Plan will suggest how each could come to be. For now, please follow the links below to learn more and provide your feedback.

Proposing a large construction project is not something that the DTP team takes lightly. Also, it is important to acknowledge several major projects around Downtown are in various stages of development. This includes:

The DTP’s Four Big Moves

Enhancing Santa Clara Street: The DTP envisions Santa Clara Street as San Jose’s premier “Grand Boulevard,” a street that must prioritize high-quality transit while supporting vibrant commercial and pedestrian activity.

Fixing Gaps in the Downtown Trail Network: While San José has one of the best trail networks in the Bay Area, it is not always easy to follow the paths as they intersect with city streets.

Speeding Up Downtown Light Rail: While the VTA light rail system offers fast and convenient transportation in much of San José, trains slow to a crawl as they navigate through the Downtown core.

Breaking Barriers: Fixing the Freeway Problem: Residents often share concerns about the damaging effects of the two downtown freeways on quality of life: State Route 87 and I-280.

We want your thoughts and ideas for the Downtown Big Moves! Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below after learning about each Big Move using the above links.

This Survey is closed; visit Downtown Transportation Plan for updates.