Better Bike Plan 2025 Project Summary

The City of San José is creating a new citywide bike plan to replace its existing eleven-year-old plan. The new plan–called Better Bike Plan 2025–seeks to create facilities, programs, and policies that enable people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to safely and conveniently bike throughout the city.

This will include a network of bikeways that add:

  1. Physical separation from motor vehicle traffic on bigger, busier streets; and
  2. Traffic calming features on smaller neighborhood streets.

This bike network will advance two of the Plan’s three goals: Improve Safety for People Bicycling and Increase Trips by Bike.

The planning effort includes extensive outreach and community engagement efforts, which advance the Plan’s third goal: Lead with Equity to understand and address the needs of traditionally under-served communities.

With two of three outreach phases completed, the project has hosted public workshops and presented project information at more than 40 local community meetings. In May and June 2020, the City will conduct its third and final phase of community engagement, which will share and seek input on the draft plan. Due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place requirements, this phase will focus on social media outreach such as short project presentations and surveys via YouTube.

The Better Bike Plan has a separate website where you can learn more and view draft project recommendations, please visit it at: