AMP First Round of Workshops

Between November 12th and November 19th, 2020, the City hosted a series of four online workshops with the public in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. One English workshop included American Sign Language.

The purpose of these workshops was to share the vision and goals of the Access & Mobility Plan, provide an overview of the feedback that has been incorporated into the Plan thus far, and provide ample opportunity for the public to share their current thoughts, questions, and feedback. Participants provided input on:

  • What problems do you want our future transportation system to solve?
  • Are the goals missing anything that’s important to you?
  • Which goals matter most to you?
  • How can we achieve these goals?

Videos from the workshops are available for you to watch if you were not able to join us. Video from the interactive breakout sections is not included.

English workshop:

Spanish workshop:

Vietnamese workshop: