19th Street Traffic Calming Project

The City of San Jose wants to make 19th St a safe street for you and your family to walk, bike, and drive. In the summer of 2021, the San Jose Department of Transportation plans to redesign the street between East Taylor St and East St James St.  The project incorporates the removal of the left turn lanes at both the north and south leg of the 19th St. and Julian St. intersection. This location is found in the map below:

Project location

The project also plans to repair the pavement, repaint the crosswalks, and add a buffered bike lane along the segment. The picture below shows an example of a buffered  bikeway in San Jose.

Shows the reader what a buffered bike lane looks like
Buffered bike lane on Fruitdale Avenue west of Southwest Expressway.

The following illustrations show what the intersection looks like today, and how it will look once the project is complete.

Shows existing conditions at 19th and Julian
This illustration shows what 19th and Julian looks like today. Measurements are approximate.
Shows proposed changes at 19th and Julian
This illustration shows the planned changes. Measurements are approximate.

The San Jose Department of Transportation anticipates project construction in August 2021.

Please email Jennifer.Smith@sanjoseca.gov if you would like to provide feedback on this project.