10th and 11th Streets Project Summary

Tenth and Eleventh Streets currently have two travel lanes, one bike lane, and parking on both sides of a one-way street. This project proposes a design that keeps the two travel lanes and two curbside parking lanes, and makes changes to the bike lane and intersections. A concrete curb will be added to the outside of the bike lane, including at driveways. Local traffic accessing the parking and driveways would enter the bike lane at the beginning of each block, and exit at the end of the block. This new bike lane is a “frontage lane” for local access only.

At intersections, the project will install concrete islands near the corners that serve several purposes. These concrete islands would slow turning vehicles, creating safer crossings for pedestrians and bicycle users. They would also help guide vehicle access to the frontage lane and driveways. Lastly, at bus stops, the concrete islands would serve as a location to wait for and board the bus.

This project will be constructed in summer and fall of 2020 when the road is repaved. In the first phase, the new design will be installed with roadway paint and plastic posts. In 2021, the San José DOT will follow with a second phase that adds the concrete islands. DOT is in the process of drafting the final design, and your feedback will help refine it.